Namaste. My name is Charles Du. Also known as Yoga Charles.

After being near-sighted for 25 years, I practiced Eye Yoga and  improved my eyesight from -3.25 to -0.5 in three months.

As a former NASA engineer, I enjoy teaching effective systems that my student can use to transform their lives.

Born in China, grew up in the United States.

My purpose in life is to grow. I grow through teaching, traveling, and playing. I love riding bicycles, practicing yoga, and discovering wild hot springs in the mountains.

Currently, my focus is helping near-sighted people improve their vision naturally with Eye Yoga.

Unlike other trainings out there, the stuff I teach is proven, unique, and fun.  

Yoga Background

I specialize in teaching Eye Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

My most influential teachers include Marx Lin (studied under Amarjith Swain), Michelle Chu (studied under Sarah Powers), and Diana Azavedo (taught at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in India).

I was invited by TEDx to give a talk on Restorative Yoga. You can view the talk here

I’m currently based in Taiwan. You can read more about my yoga journey here

Let Me Help You Improve Your Vision with Eye Yoga. 

Most of my students experience a measurable vision improvement within a 2 hour practice.

I’m currently available to teaching privates, companies, or at a retreat.

You can reach me at

Open your mind, take off your glasses, and practice with me.

-Charles Du

P.S. I’m also the founder of following:, where I teach people how to become irreplaceable software product managers, where I teach people how to travel the world while working