Recharge and Renew Yoga Retreat

Molino Del Rey, Spain  |  1-8 July, 2018

Peace of Mind, Body & Spirit –
7 Nights

This is a fun and heart opening retreat that will help you to deepen your personal practice, and tap into your happiness, raise your energy and leave you feeling less stressed. Many of us have lost contact with the essence of ourselves and connection to nature, our natural state of being, which comes from a good balanced lifestyle.


This retreat encourages you to practice various forms of self-care, where you can appreciate your life just the way it is and have space to invite a new flow of energy.


You are invited to join an intimate group of like-minded individuals, willing to dive heart first into life-changing self-discovery practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, healings, holistic massages and group activities to help lift your spirit and boost your confidence.


Early July is a beautiful month in Andalucía, green and fresh with average daytime temperatures up in the high twenties (C). There will be two classes a day. Mornings tend to be energising practices with meditation and yoga. Early evenings will be an exploration of restoring and relaxing practices. During the day you will be free to walk, take a massage, horse ride, enjoy the blooming spring flowers or just lounge around in the sun. The caves, cool waters and cool breezes around Molino always keep the studio nice and fresh. It’s like natural air conditioning.


This retreat is for anyone at any level. It is particularly suitable for you if you are ready for a digital detox or going through a life-change and seeking support. Our intention is that you leave feeling, nourished, happy, healthy and spirited.

Your Hosts

Charles Du

Fondly known as Yoga Charles, this former NASA engineer is passionate about teaching his students effective systems they can use to transform their lives. Specializing in alignment-based Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, his creatively sequenced classes feature long holds, controlled movements, intelligent alignment and deep exploration of depth in postures.

Having taught over 10,000 students from over 120 countries with courses translated into three languages, Charles’ passion in teaching is undeniable. His science background has also empowered him to teach students the understanding of the science and philosophy behind the how and why of Asana.

Sharron Hopley

Sharron creates a nurturing space during her sacred awareness practices and mindful movement classes. She is a Divine host and empowering guide for everyone on retreat, taking us deep within ourselves to restore balance in our body, mind and spirit.

Her purpose is to help absolute beginners make their first steps into a conscious life and to simply support the transformation and connection to true-self take place.

She is a creative force that understands that life is what you make of it. A passionate person, Sharron is also a published writer, yoga and meditation teacher, angelic reiki master and breath work facilitator. She is a devoted, mindful mama and shares her time between England and Austria where she continuously learns to live in harmony and balance.

Tracey Morgan

Tracy has a passion for nutrition and wellness which has been developed through her connections with multiple cultures on her different travel experiences. Her journey began with a brave decision to leave the corporate world and start other path to rediscover spiritual balance and restore her own health.

With her down-to-earth approach, Tracy has inspired many, with her realistic, practical tips and tools, through accessible steps. She will guide you to achieve optimum wellness, by educating you to use the power of nature, combined with modern science and self-knowledge.

Her purpose is to help absolute beginners make their first steps into a conscious life and to simply support the transformation and connection to true-self take place.


I came back feeling like I could conquer the world and bursting with positivity which I’m trying to maintain in everyday life. The people on the retreat were just gorgeous happy souls and I couldn’t have enjoyed more the conversations over (AMAZING!) meals and endless cups of tea! Beautiful location ran by beautiful people 🙂Kate, Ireland

Venue – Molino del Rey

Molino del Rey is a luxury yoga retreat and part of a lovely, traditional Spanish hamlet. It is set in a beautiful green valley of orange orchards in the famous nature reserve of “Sierra de las Nieves”. At the entrance of our hamlet is a spring from which the purest of waters flow through the centre.

It is approximately 60-minutes from Malaga airport and the popular tourist resorts of the Costa del Sol.

The retreat has been lovingly converted by the owners and features include a cool salt treated, mountain water pool and sculpted caves. Being an old water mill, Molino has beautiful Moorish water streams flowing down through the centre of the property, creating a refreshing, magical charm to the place. You can even drink the water direct from the stream!

Molino del Rey Retreat has everything you need for a fulfilling experience during your stay. There is a state of the art Yoga Hall with amazing acoustic, a relaxing cave pool area, a variety of lovely terraces and unique caves to help focus your mind, body and spirit.

Accommodation is very comfortable. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and have balconies, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, tea making facilities, safe deposit boxes, hair-dryers, and alarm clocks. Each bedroom is uniquely and beautifully painted and designed.

What’s Included











What’s Not Included

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Transfers to/from Malaga International airport (approx. 60-minutes)
  • Car hire – prices start at Euros (€) 100 per week
  • Horse Riding
  • Massage treatments
  • Day excursions to the famous town of Ronda, Marbella, beach and waterfalls
  • Asana photo shoot

Messages From 2017 Retreat

“The provided vegetarian food was delicious, the location absolutely stunning and the people who joint so sweet and fun to be around them.”Eva, Austria
“I have been on several yoga retreats before (Brian Kest, Timo Wahl…etc) and I have to say this was the best I have been to. All was so easy going, gentle, kind…just perfect (also as a couples holiday).

The group she attracted were brilliant…all lovely people from around the globe. The location and hosts super nice and you don’t feel the need at all to leave this beautiful spot, although Ronda and Sierra de las Nieves is worth a visit. We are so looking forward to the next retreat she is doing and will definitely book us in again.”Micha, Switzerland

“After 7-day practices, in the last yoga class- Breath of Bliss Workshop, we merely instructed for breathing and simple moving. Something amazing happened. Some of us cannot help but burst out of laughing and I burst out of crying during the process. It was magical because I usually behave rationally. After crying, I think the tears successfully released the negative energy hidden in my mind. I could not 100% say that my soul was purified, but I was sure my body was purified because I felt so hungry after the class. (I ate triple as much as I usually do!).

The other impressive element of the class is the fabulous resort – Molino Del Rey, which is located in sunny south Spain, one of the most beautiful and perfect retreats I have ever seen. When I arrived at Molino Del Rey, the first impression was that how small the house is; however I was totally wrong after entering the house. I felt like opening a Pandora’s Box. IT WAS AMAZING!! The resort seemed to be fully taken the terrain into consideration. We were fascinated by the cozy couches or hammocks hidden in the unexpected corners, the mediation room / yoga classroom in the cave, the spring water pool under the cave, non-stop sound of flowing water, the spectacular view out of the windows in our room and the delicate decoration for every detail of the building. Moreso, there were two master chefs in the resort. Even what they served were vegetarian meals, trust me, the food was soooo tasty that you would be so impressed that how delicious the vegetarian meals could be!!

Besides, between the classes, in addition to sparing time in taking a nap, reading novels, going swimming, taking a sunbath, or enjoying the profession spa service by Lidiya, Sharron organized some activities to explore the south Spain, such as horse-riding and visiting Ronda (an old city with spectacular architectures). They are also entertaining and unforgettable.

Overall, I strongly recommend Sharron’s yoga camp to everyone after coming back home. It is one the unforgettable and brilliant experiences in my life. It will be such a regret if I did not attend this journey.”

“We left the retreat feeling totally refreshed and ready to face the real world when we returned to the UK with extra energy and renewed enthusiasm. A massive ‘Thank You’ to Sharron and her team for one of the best holidays we have ever had. We have already booked onto next year’s retreat and are looking forward to it.” Rachael & Keith, UK
這次參加的人有許多人與我一樣,實際上我們來到Molino Del Rey 前都不認識Sharron,但都抱持著萬分的期待參加這次的旅程,我們奇蹟似的志同道合,同樣深受Sharron給與我們心靈及生理指導的感動,成員們在我與我朋友行李遺失的大災難期間給予超多關懷與協助,最後旅程結束後我們成為了很好的朋友。


至於這次上課的地點,在西班牙南部陽光普照的馬拉加山區的Molino Del Rey ,可說是我看過最美麗且最適合類人居住的地方。他的建築巧妙的結合了所在的山勢與水勢,從外面看平凡無奇,走進去之後如同打開潘朵拉的盒子,處處充滿驚奇。無論是各角落的躺椅或是吊床,在山洞裡的冥想空間與瑜珈教室、半開放式的山洞泉水游泳池、終日不斷的潺潺流水聲、房間窗外的壯闊山景,以及民宿主人Anthony 與Lidiya對於房子每一細微處的佈置,都讓人流連忘返至今難忘,更遑論Molino Del Rey 的兩位神廚,每一餐都好吃的讓人想哭泣,即便是素食,但根本不會想念葷食的滋味。


超級超級推薦參加Sharron 的瑜珈營,這是我這輩子最難忘且最美好的經驗之一。”Maggie, Taiwan

“When we arrived at Molino Del Rey after our long flights, the front door appeared so small to me. But soon after I was greeted by one of the owners, Lidiya, who brought us to our room. The tiny disappointment of the door suddenly disappeared. It was such a nice, warm, and comfy bedroom! Every corner was well arranged and delicately decorated. We could easily see the clear sky and the mountains from our window. Walking out from the house, a bigger surprise was waiting for us. Maggie and I were almost screaming when we saw the beautiful landscape outside. Words could not describe. Anthony and Lidiya have great taste and really paid attention to every detail of this place. The combination of water sounds and birds singing brought beautiful harmony and peace.

That evening our first yoga class began. I met our teacher, Sharron, only once before, and her lively, happy personality impressed me. During the classes, I think she was a little bit different – more gentle, peaceful, but still energetic. She designed all classes well. They were not as sporty as I expected; instead, we tried many different types of yoga (I have never heard of most of them). Movement, non-movement, conversation…all of them were calming an healing experiences.

Another thing I want to highlight was how wonderful the group members were. They were patient, respectful listeners, offering solid support to my weaknesses. Without Sharron and all these good people, I don’t think I could feel so safe and relaxed during those in-between moments of Savasana.

The food was a big bonus. I could not beleive that vegetarian meals would be so colourful and delicious. I thought the trip was a good chance of weight loss, but it was a huge mistake – just too yummy! I really enjoyed the salt pool in the retreat, as well as the horse riding experience and the half day trip to Ronda.”Sinping, Taiwan

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